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Counseling and Therapy for Children in Durham, NC

 If you and your family need a trustworthy and competent child therapist near Durham, NC, contact Pope Behavioral Health and Wellness today. 

Therapy for Children

Children are in a critical stage of their lives, when much of their brains, social skills, and values are being shaped. As they grow, you need to provide them with what they need for healthy development, including a safe place to process and work through challenges and difficult thoughts and feelings. 

At Pope Behavioral Health and Wellness, we give children that space. Under the direction of Virginia A. Pope, licensed and certified counselor, children who struggle with anxiety disorders, family conflict, ADHD, Oppositional-Defiant Disorder, social skills deficits, self-esteem issues, adjustment disorders, depression, or other challenges are able to engage in therapy tailored for their specific needs. 

Child-Directed, Family-Centered Therapy

Children process their emotions, thoughts, and challenging circumstances best through the act of play. Play therapy is a proven clinical technique that allows children to freely express themselves, facilitating greater understanding of their inner world and allowing them to acquire new coping skills and thought patterns. 

Pope Behavioral Health and Wellness provide a child-and-therapist-directed approach to play therapy, which creates a good balance between creativity and structure and allows your child to both learn and understand themselves better. 

We also keep parents and caretakers apprised of progress and new developments during the course of therapy, because we believe that the family is the most important structure in a child’s life. 

Over the course of your child’s therapy sessions, Pope Behavioral Health and Wellness provides new perspectives to other family members, helps evaluate and refine parenting skills, and provides new techniques to improve the relationship between your child and every other member of the family.

If you believe that your family could benefit from therapeutic play and easy access to a wellness counselor, give Pope Behavioral Health and Wellness a call today at (919) 999-7457. We are happy to answer any questions and address your concerns.